What are the advantages to using an attorney for probate?

Most estates in Florida that have to be probated, it's required to use an attorney. One exception is when the personal representative is the only beneficiary, but other than that, most estates require an attorney. Read More

Should I try and avoid probate?

Most times, yes. I'm a believer in avoiding probate. It's a long process that can be very costly, and it's just emotionally draining. There's no reason to have to go through a probate if you do a little bit of planning ahead of time. Read More

Even if I am married, should I still title my homestead into a trust?

I'm a big believer in this at this time because in the event a married couple is involved in a car accident and both pass away your property is in a trust, it avoids the probate court process which is a long and expensive process. Read More

I don’t really have a lot of assets. Do I still an estate plan?

One of the most commonly asked questions that we get is that unless you have a 10,000 square foot home with a 12 foot garage, or a 12-car garage, do you really need an estate plan. The truth is, and the honest answer is that the size of your estate, the assets you've accumulated, have nothing to do with whether or not you're going to create an estate plan or not. It really has to do with being able to properly Read More

My spouse and I own everything jointly. Do I still need a will?

Absolutely, yes. We strongly recommend that everybody that's out there has some form of will in place because even if all of your assets are jointly owned and held together by you, your spouse or another loved one, they key to preparing a properly drafted will are the following things. Number one, it's gonna allow you to select, then put down guardians for your minor children and hopefully you'll never need them Read More

Do all assets need to be probated?

No, they don't. Only the ones that are in the decedent's name individually and for which there was no beneficiary, so like a bank account or life insurance policy, both of which can have beneficiaries. If there is is one on there, they don't need to be probated; however, title to property, your house, or other rental properties, if it's in your name alone, it would have to be probated. Read More