Five Tips for Business Succession Planning

If you are a business owner, you undoubtedly have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. While it is easy to focus on your day to day responsibilities and growing your business, it is also important that you think about the future of your company. If something should happen to you and you are unable to keep working, you do not want the business to have to close down as this would not only impact you and your Read More

The Top Three Estate Planning Considerations for Young Families

There’s a common misconception that estate planning is only a concern for the elderly or the ill. The truth is, everyone -- young or old -- should have an estate plan in place to protect their assets and their loved ones. This is especially true for anyone who is a parent.  At ElDeiry & ElDeiry, P.A., we encourage young families to get a head start on estate planning. In today’s blog post, we’re sharing our top Read More

Busted! Four Common Myths About Probate

To many, probate is a mystery. There are so many myths and misconceptions about this process being touted as fact that it can be really difficult to distinguish the truth from the lies. Unfortunately, we’ve seen situations time and time again where misunderstandings regarding the probate process cause people to make damaging decisions during the estate planning process. Today we’re busting four of the most common Read More

How Estate Planning Can Help You Minimize Your Estate Taxes

Through good estate planning, you have the opportunity to make sure that the assets you have worked hard to acquire over the course of your life will be transferred to your heirs smoothly after you pass away. Estate planning can also preserve your assets, and prevent them from being depleted by estate taxes before they ever get into your family members’ hands. Large estates are subject to estate tax. This is a Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

Trusts are one of the most important estate planning tools that you have at your disposal when you sit down to decide how to protect and distribute your assets. They can be split up into two major categories: revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts. In both types, assets are set aside (put into a trust) to be managed by a trustee on behalf of the beneficiaries or beneficiary, but they have differences that make them Read More

Alternative Options for the Role of Personal Representative

An important part of estate planning is naming a personal representative of your will. After you pass away, this is the person who will be legally responsible for making sure your financial matters are handled in accordance with your wishes as outlined in the will. Some of the personal representative’s duties include paying taxes and bills on behalf of your estate, passing ownership of your assets to your Read More

The Top 4 Things You Can Do Today to Protect Your Children in the Future

If you are a parent, you likely spend a large amount of time in your day to day life working hard to ensure that your children are protected and taken care of at all times. But have you ever considered what would happen to your children if something unexpected occurred and you were no longer there to care for them. While we all hope we’ll live to a ripe old age, we never know what tomorrow holds. It is wise to take Read More

Understanding DNR Orders

As long as you are mentally competent, it is your right to choose whether you accept or refuse the medical treatment recommended to you by your doctors and other medical professionals. You have the liberty to turn down any care, whether it’s lifesaving treatment because you’ve decided to allow a deadly illness to run its course, or getting blood drawn because you don’t like needles. Your right to accept or refuse Read More

Four Situations in Which You Need to Update Your Estate Plan

As we all know, the situations in our lives are constantly changing and developing. The future you imagined for yourself five years ago is likely not the same as the present you are living in or the future you are anticipating today. That’s definitely not a bad thing -- it’s just the nature of life! However, the ever-evolving nature of things does mean that it’s important to keep your estate plan updated to fit with Read More

Turning 18: Why You Need a Health Care Power of Attorney

On your 18th birthday, you legally become an adult. This brings along all sorts of exciting privileges. You can vote! You can get a tattoo! You can buy cigarettes and lottery tickets! You can open your own credit card and sign contracts on loans, car payments, houses, and more. But there’s one aspect of becoming a legal adult that many people don’t think about until it is too late and they find themselves in a Read More