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Practical Estate Planning for Families and Businesses

At ElDeiry & ElDeiry, P.A., we believe in proactively planning for the future by taking your individual needs into account. Here’s an overview of the ways we can help you create a strategic estate plan designed to protect your family, your finances, and your legacy.

Wills are at the core of your estate plan. They can outline who will inherit your personal property, appoint guardians for your minor children, specify funeral arrangements, and more. 

Trusts give you a greater degree of flexibility and control over your estate plan. They can help your family save money and time by letting certain types of assets skip probate.

Probate administration is the process of distributing your assets and debts after you pass away. You can name an attorney you trust to administer your estate in advance, ensuring your wishes and objectives are met.

Estate planning overall has a number of benefits, allowing you to plan for unexpected situations and provide for your loved ones in the future. It’s important to craft an estate plan that fits your life. 

Business succession planning is essentially estate planning for businesses. It lets you outline how your business should be managed in cases like retirement, disability, or death.

Get in touch with our experienced attorneys to find out how we can create a smart, practical estate plan that fits your life and your goals.