Business Succession Planning

Planning a Secure Future for Your Business

A succession plan is designed for business owners who want to be proactive about the way their business is managed. It’s distinct from an estate plan, which is meant for individuals as opposed to business owners. You can create a succession plan to outline how the business will operate in the event of your retirement, death, disability, or extended illness.

Most independent owners are busy running their own business, and they don’t really take the time to implement a proper plan for their business. Nevertheless, a comprehensive plan can help you anticipate several different possibilities and leave a safety net for your business.

Whether you are away for an extended vacation or you pass away while still owning your business, a thorough and well-documented business succession plan is essential. This is especially true if your family or employees rely on this business operation.

To keep your business running smoothly well into the future, contact ElDeiry & ElDeiry, P.A. for help in creating a strong succession plan. We will go above and beyond to ensure your business, and your legacy, are protected.