Estate Planning

Estate Planning That Fits Your Life

Everyone on this planet will eventually pass away. We like to joke that more than 95% of our clients will ultimately pass away, but the other 5% are still investigating alternatives. We’re not sure what they’ll find, but until medicine finds a way to avoid death, it’s pretty much a mathematical certainty.

Here’s the good news: estate planning lets you put together a written plan to administer your life and worldly possessions before you pass away. As you may have realized, you really won’t get a chance to do much planning once you leave the planet, or become gravely ill, so before is definitely better than after.

Estate planning deals with death, incapacity, illness, surgeries, and more — but it has very little to do with how much you own or how many relatives survie you.

The concept of estate planning is essential to everyone, and you don’t need a 10,000 square foot mansion with a 12-car garage to create and implement an estate plan.  

That’s our focus here at ElDeiry & ElDeiry, P.A.: estate planning that fits your life. We’ll get to know your financial situation, your family, and your goals for the future before walking you through the best options. To get started, call our law office today