Were You Named a Personal Representative? 6 Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer to Help

Being named as the personal representative of a loved one’s estate brings with it a significant amount of stress and unexpected responsibility. Working with a probate lawyer can benefit you in several ways.

1. Avoids Family Conflict

Family tension can peak after the death of a loved one. Emotions run high when people are dealing with grief, and it can cause them to lash out in unexpected ways. Whether family members have their own interpretations of the deceased’s wishes, believe they are entitled to more than they are granted in the Will, or disagree with who has been named executor, a probate attorney can act as an objective third party.

2. Expedites the Probate Process

In some situations, a lawyer who knows the probate process can help a family move through it more quickly. A probate lawyer is especially beneficial if you have never served as executor before and you have no prior legal knowledge.

3. Helps with Legal Documents and Deadlines

Serving as executor involves a substantial amount of paperwork, and you have to be ready to work around the court’s deadlines. Failing to fill out paperwork correctly or drafting documents without important details can delay the process and heighten family tension. Since a probate lawyer knows the exact requirements in your jurisdiction, they can help you avoid these common errors.

4. Prepares for Legal Claims

Many estates are plagued by legal claims, whether they come from debtors, family members who are left out of the Will, or beneficiaries who believe they have been shorted by the estate. Your probate lawyer can protect you from legal claims and ensure that your loved one’s wishes are respected and carried out.

5. Protects Your Interests and Assets

Becoming an executor puts your own assets and interests at risk. If you make an error that causes a family member to lose out on their rightful assets, the court may come after your funds and assets to make beneficiaries whole. A probate lawyer ensures that every step of the process is carried out to the letter of the law, protecting you from costly errors.

6. Streamlines the Process

Consider your own needs when deciding whether or not to hire a probate lawyer. An executor’s duties take up a significant amount of time, which can be exceptionally stressful if you have your own family to take care of, a job, and other obligations. The support of an experienced probate lawyer can save time.

The complex probate process can add additional stress during an already emotional time. Turn to the ElDeiry & ElDeiry, PA for the legal support you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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