My situation is not very complicated. Can I prepare my own will?

  Speaker 1: There are a lot of forms and documents out there that really encourage you to how to prepare your own will, but basically as we tell many of our own friends, clients, and neighbors that if you decide to prepare your own will, it's really like being an apprentice plumber where you're going to go and try and fix that leak underneath your sink. And the next day when you go to the office or go to Read More

Who needs estate planning?

Most people need some form of estate planning. Whether it's to help make medical or financial decisions while you're alive, or whether it's because you want your assets to go to someone special without having to go through the court process in doing so. Read More

Why do clients like working with you?

I feel like I'm a down to earth person, and when my clients are speaking with me I feel we have a great rapport. They feel like they're talking to a friend, and not some aloof business person. I give them my cellphone number. They can always reach me on it. When they do call they're always talking with me, the attorney. They're not talking with our support staff. I think it's just a small firm feel, but with the Read More

Why do college students or young adults need a health care power of attorney?

Because once your child is legally an adult, in the event he or she gets in an accident and is unable to give consent no medical professional is allowed to speak to you without them having done a medical power of attorney. Read More

What is estate planning?

An estate plan is a two-step process we use in order to avoid the court systems. First, we prepare healthcare powers of attorney and durable financial powers of attorney in order to have you appoint someone that can make healthcare decisions and financial decisions on your behalf in the event you cannot. The second set of documents, there's the last will and testament, and usually a revocable living trust that we Read More

What is probate?

Probate is the court process, which is long, and oftentimes expensive. By which, a persons assets are retitled and distributed to their beneficiaries after they pass away. Read More

What are the main reasons that people do not create an estate plan?

We understand that estate planning may not be one of the most exciting and vigorating topics that people want to discuss on a regular basis. But we often joke and [regularly] bring some humor to the situation with our clients and tell them, "Listen, to be honest with you, over 95% of our clients are going to eventually pass away one day or another. The other 5% are still looking for ways to avoid it." But for the Read More

What are the advantages to working with you and your firm?

In our firm, one of the huge advantages are that we've been practicing law for a combined 40 years-plus of experience, and we're extremely dedicated and committed to providing outstanding service in the area of estate planning and probate. One of the things that truly sets our firm apart from others is that while we have a vast experience in other areas of law and lots of great and creative knowledge upon those other Read More

What benefits does a will provide?

A will tells everybody where you would like your assets to go after you pass away. Unfortunately, without a little bit of estate planning before you die, a will alone will not get your assets to who you want them to get to without having to go through the probate court process, which is long and expensive. Read More

What documents are normally included with an estate plan?

Normally we include a healthcare power of attorney, a durable financial power of attorney, a last will and testament, and if you own real estate or have more than one child, we usually include a revocable living trust. Read More